The Qualities of an Amazing Essay Writer

As we all go through life, essay writing is a skill that we absolutely must pick up. In our formative teenage years up until the end of our university lives. We will be writing essays all throughout. That is exactly why it is important you understand what key skills a professional essay writer has. Everyone can write an essay on almost any topic, all it requires is that you pick and choose information and reproduce it. However, real essay writers, who know what they are doing, do not simply choose information and reproduce it. They are able to craft a masterful piece of literature using their own ingenuity and through the use of skills, they have perfected over the years.

So if you are struggling and not sure what you are doing wrong in your essays, then this article is the one for you! We are going to list the main qualities an expert essay writer possess and how you can work on those qualities to better yourself!


There are two types of focus that the writer must be aware of. Firstly, you should always be in an environment which has limited to no distractions. This is important because it will allow you to wholly concentrate on your work and you will be able to produce a higher standard of work as compared to being consistently distracted. Secondly, focus of the essay is also of great importance. The essay in and of itself should have a single idea that should remain the focus of the essay. Do not try and introduce different ideas throughout the essay. This will only help you in distracting the reader from what you are trying to convey to them.

Keep your paragraphs clear and concise. Address a single point in each paragraph in the main body, use your introduction to state the thesis statement and use the conclusion to tie your writing together.


When presented to the reader, the essay seems like a piece of fine work. Meticulously crafted and perfectly delivered from beginning to end.However, this does not happen naturally or on its own. The essay goes through a developmental process much like anything else in life. From the introduction, right down to the conclusion, the essay sees growth in the story that you are writing about. Each paragraph supports one another and one idea builds upon the idea before. This is extremely important for any writer to realise as without development throughout your essay it will always be incomplete and rather dull. Remember to support and back up your paragraphs with one another, this makes your essay stronger and the meaning more impactfull.


Unity is something we talked about before in focus. To unite your essay means to have each and every paragraph dedicated to building and discussing, hence furthering, the main theme of your essay. If your paragraphs are inconsistent, not only can it distract the reader from the message you are trying to convey. It will ensure the failure of your essay in the eyes of your professor. To achieve unity, remember to discuss only the point you aimed to discuss in that paragraph. If you are presenting some evidence in the main body to support your argument. Then stick to discussing that piece of evidence only, as well as link it to the paragraph before and the paragraph after.  


Coherence is exactly what the definition tells us it is. Your essay should be legible and understandable to the reader. Make your points clear and present them in a neat and orderly form as well. Make sure to never ruin the flow of your essay. The flow can be easily ruined by the tone changing or the tense changing as well. So make sure that your grammar and punctuation is spot on as well. The goal of the writer is not to simply present an essay. The goal is to present an essay which the reader reads enthusiastically. After all, you must cater to your audience.


This one is extremely straight-forward. The ability also develops through the course of your life by reading, writing and studying different pieces of literature. In general, it is extremely important that you present an essay which has no spelling issues or any grammatical errors. Especially at higher levels, such as in university, it is expected of you to present articles which do not have any blemishes on them.

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The Qualities of an Amazing Essay Writer
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