How to Construct the Perfect Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay writing requires great mastery of all different writing styles. The best essays start by simply choosing the best topic for your essay. Essays with great strength use strong language and many persuasive elements to present a compelling argument.

This guide will present you with a guideline that you can choose to follow for essay help and when writing an argumentative essay. Following it is a guaranteed way of delivering a strong fact-based argument on any topic!

It All Starts With the Topic

There are two things you need to consider when choosing a topic for an argumentative essay. The first is easy, choose a topic that can be debated and an argument can be provided. The topic you choose must have an opposable point of views, this way, when you are shaping an argument you can consider both points of views and formulate an argument that supports yours. You will also have to establish why your point of view is reasonable and logical and prove it through the use of scientific data.

The second thing that you will need to consider when choosing your topic is perhaps even more important the first. You will have to choose a topic that you are interested in and curious about. It is important that you choose a topic that piques your interest because then you will be passionate about it. If you are not passionate about the topic then you will not be able to provide compelling and strong arguments.

Then You Must Gather Evidence

Writing an argumentative essay means that you must be able to prove and support your stance while dispelling the arguments of the opposing side. This is why when writing your essay, you will need to gather strong scientific evidence that you can use to prove your stance on the topic. Dedicate a long amount of time to gathering facts, statistics and even quotes. This will all be useful in building your argument.

It will also be extremely helpful to gather evidence that supports the opposing point of view. This way you will know what arguments the opposition can make and will then be in a position that will enable you to refute and counter-argue their stance. Including the opposition’s viewpoint in your essay will also be useful as it will show that you have done your research on the topic and know an extensive amount about it.

Begin Drafting the Essay!

After you gather all the background information that you will be using, the time for writing the first draft of your essay begins! An argumentative essay follows a simple format, you begin with an introduction. The introduction will be where you will provide your thesis statement. This is a statement that will show your position on the topic at hand. The main body of your essay will be focused on presenting the evidence that you have gathered so far. Make a paragraph for each piece of evidence. In the end, the conclusion will be used to wrap everything together and restate your stance on the topic.

Remember to Present Both Sides

In the main body of the essay, you will be providing your own evidence that supports your stance on the topic. But you will also need to present the opposition’s viewpoint as well. This is extremely important because otherwise, your essay will be completely one-sided.

A truly great argumentative essay not only establishes why their point of view is sound and reasonable but also present the opposition’s stance and works to discredit their stance on the topic through evidence gathered while researching. This shows that you have in-depth knowledge about the topic at hand and can fully support your point of view beyond a reasonable doubt.

In Conclusion

Finally, you use the conclusion to tie everything presented so far together and then relate it back to your thesis statement. This way you can establish that what you have shown is truly the most sound and logical stance on the topic at hand.

Need some help?

An argumentative essay is not easy to write. It can be oftentimes confused for being the same as a persuasive essay. However, this is not the case, a persuasive essay can use emotional language and be more dramatical. An argumentative essay uses scientific and logical reasoning to establish their viewpoint.

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How to Construct the Perfect Argumentative Essay
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