The 4 Essential Essay Writing Styles!

Day by day, essay writing is becoming a major skill that students must know in order to achieve success, not only academically, but in their lives as well. Essays are a part of every home assignment, school examination, standardised tests, and even university applications ask for personal statement essays when you apply. If students do not know how to write an essay, they are most likely will not receive the best grades or even an acceptance letter.

That’s why this guide is here in order for us to give you online essay help and tell you what essay styles are the most important that you need to know!

There are in fact many different essay styles that a student can use, but learning them can be hard and unmanageable, that’s why we break down the various ones into 4 major categories that all the others come into. So you may wonder, “What does each essay style convey?” The answer is simple, an essay style is adapted to convey the writer’s words most appropriately without confusing the reader. For example, a writer who is trying to convey their viewpoint and convince the reader that their view is the correct will not use a narrative essay style, they will use a persuasive or an argumentative format – whichever is better suited in the situation.

Narrative Essays

These type of essays have the purpose of conveying to the reader a personal experience the writer may have had. You might have come across these types of essays under another name, reflection essays. Narrative essays use much more personal and first-person language such as “I did this,” or “I learned this.” This language is much more informal but allows the writer to engage the reader much more since the reader is also able to relate more to the story then. Usually, the narrative essay will try to impart unto the reader some type of knowledge or life-lesson the writer gained or understood after going through a certain experience.

Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay is similar to a narrative or a reflective essay in the sense that it tries to tell a story to the reader. However, these essays are used to bring to life an imaginary scenario through the use of words. The writer paints a beautiful picture of a person or a place or even some object and tries to marvel the reader through the world they create with their words. Successful descriptive essays make the reader think deeper about the story that is being painted. Perhaps, the writer can relate to it and begins to cry or perhaps a sense of joy and happiness is given to the reader. Whatever the case is, descriptive essays can be a powerful tool if used appropriately.

Expository Essays

This is a much more to-the-point style of essay writing. The purpose of this style of essay writing is not to play with the emotions of the reader but rather to give them information on the topic at hand. Expository writing, specifically, makes sure the writer is unbiased as the purpose is not to present an opinion on any one side, but rather, the purpose is to make the reader understand more about the topic and perhaps provide them with the knowledge they did not have before. It is written by using various scientific facts and research that was conducted upon the topic. Expository essays also encompass other essay writing styles such as cause-and-effect essays or “how to,” essays.

Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are the opposite of expository ones. These use scientific facts and findings of the topic, not to inform the reader about previously unknown information, but rather to convince them of a particular side on one topic. For example, “Why using too much shampoo is bad,” could be a topic for an argumentative essay as it tries to convince people that using too much shampoo can be bad for you. “The effects of using too much shampoo,” is the topic for an expository essay, as there is no mention of either the good or the bad side but rather of only the effects that would occur if you did.

We do sincerely hope this guide helped you understand what the main essay styles are and which style can be most effective in a certain scenario. If you need any form of help in writing in these styles or any other style, we here at Expert Essay Writers are ready to provide you with any form of help you may need! Our professional essay writing services by our writers are trained in all the styles and have great knowledge about various fields so that they can tackle any essay they are presented with! We can provide advice, give feedback and even write your essays for you!

The 4 Essential Essay Writing Styles!
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The 4 Essential Essay Writing Styles!
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