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What is an Argumentative Essay?

It is one of the most used type of essay writing. To write an argumentative essay, the writer is required to investigate on the topic in question. The usual process includes collection and analysis of convincing arguments and make a clear standing on the topic. Generally, 5-paragraph essay format is the most suitable option for writing on argumentative essay topics, which has introduction, body paras, and conclusion.

The Essentials Parts of Argumentative Essays

It has the following parts to write a top quality argumentative essay paper:


It is the thesis statement which indicates writer’s main intention and position. Ideally, you can end the introductory paragraph with your argumentative thesis statement.


These are the arguments the writer will use in his/her favor to validate his position. If you come up with weak arguments, you may not obtain high grades.


To present your arguments powerfully, you must present reliable evidences, or else they will lose the impact they should make. Give reference of the credible sources.


This is the interesting part. Here, you refute the opposing arguments which help you establish your position more strongly.

Citation Style

To cite the resources, APA is the common citation style.

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