How To Write An Argumentative Essay Successfully?

When writing a persuasive essay it is not enough to merely make an opinion in order to persuade the readers. Even a strong and good opinion is nothing without the support of logical facts and evidence in the relevant area of study. Understand and learn the procedures techniques and strategies required to write a compelling argumentative essay.

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

The argumentative essay is one of the types that demands you to investigate the selected topic. Throughout the process of Investigation should be able to gather, develop, and evaluate the evidence. Collection of these components is not the only thing required if you cannot make your strong position in a topic using the right way.

An argumentative essay is something that should present an issue so that you can relevantly provide arguments and counter-arguments to make your positions strong throughout the writing. In an ideal argumentative essay, a student must try to convince the readers to comprehend and provide backup to their opinions which strong logical evidence and facts that are relevant to the selected topic of your argumentative essay. 

This activity is common in colleges and Universities for different programs in which students have to write an argumentative essay on various topics related to politics, medical, science, technology, and many others.

Why Do Students Misunderstand Argumentative Essays With Expository Essays?

This is a common misunderstanding found among the students as they think that argumentative in the expository essay are the same. They might have some components in similar, however, argumentative essay differs from expository in regards to the research and writing style involved. The argumentative essay process involves deep research along with the lengthy composition of the arguments throughout the process of writing. On the other hand side, an expository essay requires much less research than the requirement of argumentative.

An argumentative essay requires you to search for relevant and reliable information through published research articles. This type of writing can also requires you to conduct empirical research through which you have to collect data through surveys, experiments, observations, and interviews. Detailed research enables the students to comprehend the deep inside of the topic so that they can significantly provide their arguments while supporting the same with some logical evidence, facts, and figures gathered throughout the process of research. Other than deep research it is necessary to provide a strong thesis statement so that readers can understand the objectives of your writing significantly.

How To Write An Argumentative Essay Using The Structure?

Make sure that you follow the right structure of an argumentative essay in order to make your content more user friendly to the readers so that readers can understand your arguments in the best possible way. The main objective of an argumentative essay is to highlight your opinions, logical reasoning along evidence. This entire structure helps to make your strong position in the essay.

There are some basic steps that can help you to effectively structure your argumentative essay while maintaining the quality and meeting the requirements at the same time. Ensure that you follow this structure if you want the desired results of argumentative essay writing.

Step 1:  Write The Introductory Paragraph

The very first paragraph of your argumentative essay should highlight your topic while providing the information of background history. This helps the audience to comprehend your arguments. Never forget to highlight the evidence you have gathered and ensure to provide a thesis statement.

The introductory paragraph is one of your chances to attract the readers to get engaged throughout the process of reading until the end of the document. Your thesis statement should describe your objective. You can also provide a hook statement in your introductory paragraph in order to grasp the attention of the readers.

Step 2: Provide The Thesis Statement

It is necessary to provide a thesis statement in the very first paragraph of your introduction. The thesis statement should be concise and one statement sentence that should incorporate the key point and your main claim in the statement. The main purpose of a thesis statement is to provide a good understanding to the readers of the purpose and goals of your writing.

Step 3:  Write The Body Paragraphs

An appropriate argumentative essay contains three to five basic paragraphs. Paragraphs should describe the reasons why you support your thesis statement. Each body paragraph must include a different thought and different evidence. Throughout each body paragraph, your readers must understand your position in the essay. So, make sure that you provide topic sentences in a concise and clear way throughout the paragraphs to explain your ideas to the audience effectively and efficiently.

Body paragraphs are one of your places where you can back up your ideas and claims with the help of facts, figures, text citations, examples, relevant researches and studies. Make sure that you also provide the opposing opinions and reject them while explaining the reason for your rejection in the right way. Understanding the selected topic from different aspects would make your position more strong in front of the readers and further adds credibility to your assignment writing.

Step 4:  Write The Conclusion

The conclusion is the last step of your argumentative essay you have to restate the thesis by providing the summary of the overall arguments you provided in the body paragraphs. Make sure that you avoid providing the new facts in the conclusion part. Instead of introducing new arguments, a winning argumentative essay always appeals to the emotions of the readers. However, in some of the scenarios writers can also provide their personal experience with the topic that how a specific topic has affected them in different aspects.

How To Write A Thesis Statement?

Always make sure that the thesis statement should not exceed one sentence. It is one of the most effective parts of your argumentative essay. You should mention the thesis statement in the first introductory paragraph of your introduction section. It should give a summary of what are the objectives of your argumentative essay and what it will be all about. However, you need to ensure that you construct a clear and concise thesis statement and not make it a paragraph.

Follow the following points to construct a winning thesis statement;

Make A Question Out Of Topic And Answer It

The best practice to make a thesis statement is to find out the core of your study or a selected topic and make a question out of the title you have selected for your argumentative essay. Then use this as your basic question and start answering questions throughout the process of writing your thesis statement.

For instance, you have made a question out of a title which states, Junk food or homemade? what is more hygienic food? Now you answer the same for your thesis statement that homemade food is the most hygienic one among all others. 

State The Argument

Introduced the opposing idea and disagree with the same while explaining why would you disagree. This is the most effective method to demonstrate your authenticity by providing relevant evidence to the arguments.

Outline The Key Points

Make sure that you introduce the key points and define that how you are going to support them throughout the process of argumentative essay writing. This is one of the best practices to give a clear idea of each and every concept to the readers about the entire argumentative essay. It further helps you to stay on the right track throughout the argumentative essay writing.

How Expert Writer Can Help You To Get An Idea Of Argumentative Essay?

Professional writers who are aware of multiple academic writing can help you to give a detailed idea of the procedures and strategies used throughout the process of writing an argumentative essay. Students who are not aware of the procedures can take the help of these professional writers.