Fast track your Career with a Business Administration degree from the Cavendish University of Uganda

Recognising your path in life is a difficult task in itself, but choosing the right university — your partner in education to propel you on the desired path, is easier said than done. With a plethora of option in various fields like law, health sciences, business management, environmental sciences, international and diplomatic relations – Choosing Cavendish University as your partner will be the best choice that will elevate your career and life together.

Founded in 2008, Cavendish University is already a name to reckon with in the field of higher education(Accredited by Uganda National Council for Higher Education). CUU is dedicated towards student-centric learning and aims to create Responsible, Educated,Employable and Entrepreneurial (REEE) citizens.

CUU endeavours to provide an innovative, pro-student, participatory learning that is both active and practical. Contemporary teaching methods utilize technology platform for delivering case studies, projects, distance learning, anytime/anywhere access to course materials initiating effective learning.

Business Management Programs

CUU offers bachelors degree and masters degree program in Business administration among its various offering. Business management courses in multiples streams of Finance, Banking, Logistics and Human Resources lead to the coveted Bachelors in Business Administration degree in CUU.

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration

 A wide array of learning methods such as straight lectures, seminars, case studies and simulations are employed in conducting the courses. Some key aspects of the individual bachelor’s degree program are

Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting & Finance

The first year of this bachelor degree program provides students with a general grasp of the functional areas of Business Administration and prepare them with necessary analytical skills. Then they deep-dive into their specialisation.

Bachelor of Business Administration – Procurement & logistics

This Bachelor’s Degree focuses on Procurement and Logistics. This business course delves into micro and macro-economic principles and theories, and their application to solving real-life situations.

Bachelor of Business Administration – Banking & Finance

This course is a best-suited goal for those who want to gain extensive skills in business and management. Students develop an acumen to assess business problems and find creative and innovative solutions.

Bachelor of Business Administration – Human Resource Management

Perfect for those who have the gift of the gab and natural networking skills. This bachelors course is a natural path towards global business outlook but with a Ugandan context.

The Bachelors in Business Administration programs equip students with the skills to thrive in areal-world business environment. Furthermore, if students want to major in any of their chosen specialization, CUU’s Master’s degree business program will be the obvious career path.

Masters in Business Administration

This MBA is a general purview of all aspects of Business administration and it develops the skills,competencies and knowledge considered as requisites to being successful in managing business strategically.

Masters in Business Administration – Accounting and Finance

Adding on to the competencies garnered during Bachelors program, students learn advanced concepts and business case studies in accounting and finance. The master’s degree improves students ability to relate to industry problems, and derive concrete actionable solutions.

Masters in Business Administration – Procurement and Supply chain management

Logistics and supply chain is the backbone of today’s industries. Anticipating  problems at different nodes and finding preventive solutions defines the new age logistics managers. The MBA in Procurement and supply chain is still skillful thinking needed inherently in this industry.

Masters in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not a bachelors specialisation but a Master’s level program. Students at this level have a sense of purpose and focus needed to understand all aspects of starting a business on their own. This masters program helps to translate their business knowledge into a entrepreneurial venture.

Flexible modes and methods that best suit you.

CUU wants to empower students with world-class education by providing access through traditional brick & mortar campuses, distance learning program and also flexible learning for working professionals. Leveraging technology to facilitate all the different modes of learning, it also creates a platform for blended learning, anytime/anywhere access to class sessions.

Campus Life At CUU

CUU boasts of a diverse student body. Students coming from 15 different countries with a variety of life experience add to the flavour of campus life at CUU.

A diverse student guild body is set up within the campus akin to a student government helps put the skills acquired through learning to work. Developing leadership qualities along with business administrative skills. 

Cavendish University is a young and fast-growing University in Uganda. More than 5000 students have made it their Alma-mater. Its time you choose it too!!

Fast track Career with a Business Administration degree
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Fast track Career with a Business Administration degree
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