Do you know 6% of customers stop shopping during checkout online if they don’t find their preferred payment method? And 17% they refuse checkout because of the trust issue with their credit card information?

From the survey conducted by Baymard in the USA, 2018 shows a total of 27% of the customers stopped shopping during checkout because of the payment issues (trust with credit card information, not enough payment methods, credit card decline) are among the things that made them abandon their checkout process. The table below shows the reasons for abandonment during checkout.

The solution to this is to use a trustedand reliable payment gateway. With trusted online payment getway service,your business shall prosper and attracting new customers, people will prefer toshop with you because they will have multiple options to pay for the goods orservice. More customers is equal to sale. When you get more customers,automatically your sales will grow and beat your competitors.

Consumer trust also depends on how secure your payment gateway is. So you must have an online payment gateway service that will guarantee the protection of their data as well as their money. When they know that their data are on the safest hands, they won’t hesitate to comeback and shop again and again. But if they suspect anything even if is a minor thing they will disappear forever.

Many people especially in Africa, they preferred to use cash on delivery to pay for the goods and services they bought online. But now you don’t need that either. All you need for your business is one online payment gateway that will give you to multiple payment options. That has to be an commerce payment gateway that will enable your customers to pay through mobile money and cards payments whether on a website or mobile application.

You don’t need to think outside the box,because what you are looking it’s here. Jenga is an online payment gateway service that can prosper your business and satisfy your customers. Jenga is a reputable online payment gateway that accepts different payments methods. From mobile payment which is the fastest growing payment method is Sub-Sahara to Cards payments. With Jenga, checkout abandonment will be history on your e-commerce website because all customers who reached on checkout page they will find their preferred payment method and currency.

Security is the backbone of our online gateway services. We ensure you and your customers to be safe and well protected all the time. You care for your customers, we also care for you and guarantee reliable service all the time. You can customize your checkout page according to your needs and make it more relevant for your customers. Get Jenga online payment gateway for your e-commerce now and start to live the reality. Click here to learn about eCommerce payment gateway setup price.

You have to create an environment for the customers to trust you and your business. Integrate Jenga online payment gateway in your website or mobile Application now to give your customers what they deserve.

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