The Impact of Digital Marketing

5 seconds. The skip button is right there, tempting you to mash it haplessly. 4 seconds. It’s getting unbearable. 3 seconds. You can almost taste the video now. 2 seconds. It’s so close you’restarting to sweat. 1 second. You can’t possibly take it anymore. The button finally reads “skip.” The instant it does, you slam the button and the ad-vanishes. It’s like magic, only better. What you’ve failed to notice is that the ad was targeted directly at you and your preferences. Your preferences have been turned into raw data and sold to advertisers, hoping to make money off of exactly what you like. This is what digital marketing has become, and it will only get more personalized as time goes on. It’s easy to see that it happens,too. Put one search for “used cars” into Google and all the sudden that’s all you see for the next three days. Digital Marketing will only become more important as a tool for companies and corporations to reach people through advertisement. And Technology is playing its role to upgrade and support on the back to move on.

Advertisement Meant To

Taking a step back, the dictionary definition of advertisement is “a public notice, published in the press or broadcast over the air” (Merriam-Webster). An advertisement is meant to attract attention in order to solidify a brand or sell a product, and sometimes both.In the modern world, it’s nearly impossible to escape advertisements. They’re every where.

The Marketing Network

They are plastered on every building,every bus, every tee shirt. You turn on the TV, and there is a good chance you’re going to catch a commercial break. They are all trying to sell you something, and that’s no different on the internet. For a lot of websites, it’s the primary way of generating revenue. The money from advertisements allows them to pay their employees and the cost of owning the domain. This leads to a web environment that is chock full of advertisements. Even the top few results on Google are paid for.

Outside of Google, the most noticeable places for advertising are the most commonly

visited sites: social media. At this point in time, many companies have made accounts for themselves, the most successful of them being the twitter account of Wendy’s and the Denny’s tumbler account. They found a way to appeal to the general sense of humor of their respective websites, and they blew up all on their own. It may be different from traditional advertising, but it certainly does put the brand into your mind if you keep seeing them in your feed. Wendy’s in particular created such asocial media splash on Twitter due to their witty writing that people were drawing fan art of their mascot for the next two weeks.

Marketing Strategy

What’s interesting about a strategy like that is it doesn’t have the negative connotations of a commercial break taking you away from what you’re watching. Social media, whether it was intended this way or not, is about other people’s opinions. The company or brand is doing exactly what you’re there for: giving opinions.

Social media is another great tool for companies due to their policies. Social media platforms are only free because the companies behind them collect all of the data that pertains to your preferences and sell it behind your back. Using this data allows for companies to personalize the ads you see to your preferences, making it all the more likely you buy them. It’s not just the social media platforms that do this,either. Google does it too, with your searches and the history of all the websites you have visited. At this point, it’s nearly inescapable.

These companies know where you are, know where you’ve been, and know what you like. The future of advertising is using this data everywhere. Whenever you walk into a store, it directs you to the section that you’re most likely to buy from. Whenever you’re watching TV, it only shows you advertisements for things the companies think you’re likely to buy. It’s already happening on the internet, and it’s only a few steps away from invading the real world.

Digital Marketing Scope

In terms of online advertisements, the future of digital marketing is simply improving the quality. There are a good handful of ads that look bad to the eye and fail to stand out. Good advertisement design should be eye-catching and not bland, yet there are thousands of

advertisements for games and other frivolous things out there that is comprised of only the game’s name and white background. These are advertisements that can also be easily chalked up as “fake” due to how low quality they appear to be. If you want your advertisement to stand out, then put at least a little effort into it so people don’t just gloss over it. Do something clever with it, make a joke. Advertisements are about getting a message out, and having something interesting makes it that much easier to remember and make more distinct.

As social media grows ever more prevalent in people’s day-to-day lives, digital marketing will become all the more important and impactful.


Besides the fact that there will just be more eyes on it, the data collection done by these companies will make it so that the targeted ads are that much more effective. Unless there are laws passed to prevent it, companies will continue to trade with your preferences and your choices. The future will only mean that this data will have greater impact on the world outside the internet. Companies will find as many ways as they can utilize this data and turn it into sales.

The Impact of Digital Marketing
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