Points to be crafted to begin your college’s journey; admission essay

It is apparently safe to say that, at this stage of your educational life, the college admission essays are the most significant content you will have written. Hence, you should take time and prove yourself the best. But the main issue arises here is that you should know plenty about yourself. let us share few points that will help with your essay or your college’s journey. 

The admission committee will be looking towards you that who you really are, and to answer that question you are required to write admission essay. It will easily convey the message to them,being an opportunity for you to brief them about your dreams, desires, hopes,goals, values, but wait, you aren’t required to write the whole book on your life. Instead, why a reader or administrator should choose you for the university, what potentials and skill set you have got and how you can compete with other fellow-mates. To sum it up, it is about you and, only you so make to be personal.

As universities have become more and more selective, personal essays or admission essays now have a great importance to help you shine and portray your accomplishments and abilities. For this reason,this article will magnify some necessary points that must be crafted while writing an essay at the stage of admission in any specific college or university.

Points for consideration;

  • Give yourself sufficient time. Temporizing could be a source of failure.
  • Try to avoid cliches and usage of famous quotations and proverbs, as a general rule. Try to be original with your words.
  • Let your uniqueness and personality flicker through.
  • Slang words are prohibited with this kind of academic writing.
  • Don’t issue a book on yourself; be focused to the purpose of writing.
  • Do mention all the positive points and avoid negative ones.

For example: If you pick to write about any difficulty you have faced, try to elaborate how that particular failure or experience has helped you to be a stronger or better person, or how you have handled all the struggles and became your own source of motivation.

Also,don’t pen down any unnecessary negative information, such as the fact that you don’t think any other university or college will accept you because you are not much eligible for them and stuff like that.

  • Avoid high-sounding vocabulary in order top resent yourself as an intelligent or elegant person. Use words that have clear and concise meaning so that reader would catch your meanings in an easier way.
  • Feel free to use different vocabulary but only the words that you really have command on. Don’t sound foolish by using incorrectly words.
  • Demonstrate your accomplishments but don’t exaggerate or brag.
  • Avoid any tendentious statements about politics, race and religion, etc.
  • Don’t exceed the word limit. Try to explain all the text in required words.
  • Pin down some challenges you might have in your chosen field and specify how you will overcome those challenges.
  • Show dedication and determination towards your field, don’t use generic expression of view.

For example: “I want to be a pilot, because I love clouds and heights.”

Summarizing words all together

Writing admission essay requires great involvement and hard work as it is going to be presented in front of your career makers. You will need to write, revise, and revise it again to point-out your grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors and spelling mistakes. Make it organised, interesting and clear admission essay that will make path for you to get accepted to the university or college you always have dreamed of!
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To begin your college’s journey; admission essay
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To begin your college’s journey; admission essay
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