Mistakes in essay writing and Some useful referencing tips

An individual’s excellent time is when he/she is a student. While studying can sometimes be very hard and brings tough situations, it polishes the individual for future end eavours whether practical or professional. Students have a very tough schedule and have to follow strict time table to make the most out of their time. They have a lot of tasks and one of the major task is essay writing in UK.  The students face a lot of troubles collecting and forming an original piece of work. Some of the problems being faced by students while writing an essay are as follows.

Limited knowledge

While writing an essay extensive knowledge about the topic must be in the mind. Lack of knowledge is the greatest drawback for writing an essay. It becomes nearly impossible to complete the essay with very little or limited knowledge on the topic, the essay is being written. Before starting to write an essay a student should access all the data and information regarding the topic on which the essay is being written.


Plagiarism should be avoided at all costs, while writing an essay or a research report. All the reliability of the essay is lost when plagiarism is found out which leads to lower marks than expected. When a student notices such a case with plagiarism his/her writing skills get killed due to fear. The simple solution to plagiarism is to write one’s own paper in one’s own words so that the chances of plagiarism are eliminated.


A sound mind is very important to produce a worthy essay. Although the fear of failure doesn’t help to get the job done. This fear of failure entangles the mind and doesn’t let your mind focus. The topic on which the essay has to be written should be easy, so that the gathering words and data gathered for the essay becomes easy. This policy does not limit the student to over think and produce an adequate essay.

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Some useful tips for referencing an Academic Essay

The basic building blocks for any academic paper are the references.References help the readers by indicating the source of the research. Students have to face a lot of difficulties in finding proper and accurate references and citations. Luckily there are a lot of online services available for the students to get the essay writing help they need. These service providers write the whole essays as well as edit and proofread them also. The student should organise a list of all the references. Then he/she must cross-reference the research with the references. A ton of time is required to accomplish such a task.

Let’s make things simpler for you so that you can understand the concepts of references and citations separately.

What should we write in Citations?

The main purpose of citations is to provide the reader with the proper where about of the source. The student should include the following information in the citations.

  • Name of the source and location.
  • Date of the article or source published.
  • Title of the work.

Adding citations in the essay reflects good writing ethics. Citations must be used when the student use someone else’s ideas and innovate it to make his own. The format of the citations should be consistent throughout the essay. This means that if you are provided with a particular format to write the citations, then you have to follow the format all through the essay. The references and citations should always match accurately.

What should we write in References?

All the quotations, ideas and phrases that match your research can be included in your essay. The references should be included from the original sources such as:

  • Clips (either audio or video).
  • Scientists and professors.
  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Television programs and ads.

References are usually added at the end of the essay/research paper. It contains all the related details of the in-text references, and they should be arranged alphabetically. Often students show confusion between bibliography and references. They both are different terms and are used for different purposes. References indicate the resources that help in compiling your essay. However, a bibliography is more often used in scientific papers.

Referencing made easy for you

We are providing you some pro tips so that you can easily cross-reference your data with the references. Eventually submitting your essay on time before the deadline.

  • Consistency

Different universities around the world practice different styles for referencing. The student should show consistency throughout the essay and follow the same referencing style. The essay can be subjected to plagiarism if the same style is not followed.

  • Accuracy

The references for the research should be accurate. They must indicate to the proper and exact direction in which the research is heading.

  • Organising your essay

It is a common mistake of the students that they don’t organise time for the essay according to the topics. Sometimes the students dedicate all their precious time on compiling the essay, neglecting the references. After completing the essay it gets really tough for them to arrange and add all the proper references in the short time left.

  • Recording the details

The students should make note of all the details for their research on a separate page when compiling the essay. By doing so, they will save precious time by not searching for references after compiling the essay.

  • Make your ideas distinct

Sometimes going through a resource, the student develops new ideas for his/her research. Going along the research the student is unable to distinguish between his own ideas and the ones from the resource. Therefore, to eradicate this issue the student should write down his ideas separately from the resource.

  • The content should be genuine

You should make sure that your statements and the references go along with each other. In the end, you will have to face no difficulty in doing the right citations in the text of your essay.

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Mistakes in essay writing and Some useful referencing tips
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Mistakes in essay writing and Some useful referencing tips
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