How to Write the Best Narrative Essay

Narrative essays can take many different shapes and forms. It can be a story-driven essay where the author is the person narrating the story and informing the reader of the events that unfold. It can also be used in field research. Where your findings on the field can be reported in a paper using a narrative style. The narrative style itself is used to explain a story and guide the reader through the story. This is much more helpful to the reader as it makes the story easier to understand instead of it being left to the reader to figure it out for themselves.

Wondering how to write an effective narrative essay? Well, then you are in luck! Read this guide to get an online top essay help and an idea of what you need to nail in order to write a good narrative essay!

Clear and Coherent

It is very important to keep the idea you are going to present clear in an essay. However, it is even more important that you follow this rule in a narrative essay. The purpose of a narrative essay is to be able to tell the reader the story as you experienced it. But, if you use complicated and intricate sentences, then the message you are trying to deliver and get lost in between the words. That is why, to increase clarity, it is advised to be coherent and concise. These two factors, when combined, can play a huge role in increasing the effectiveness of your narrative essay!

It is also good to note that if you are writing an academic paper,then the use of technical jargon can also play a role in reducing the effectiveness of your message. If the audience of your paper is not going to be familiar with the language you use, then no matter how good the narration is,it will not be useful.

It is not necessary to describe everything you do

If you are coming up with a fictional story, describing some event or even giving a detailed field report. You are never required nor requested to literally describe each and every step you take. Not only does this make your essay redundant, but it also makes it mundane and not fun to read. Remember that you are supposed to narrate a story – yes, but keep in mind that you are trying to deliver a message to the reader through your story. That is why it is always important to maintain the attention and interest of your reader. Keep your essay fun and active and describe events in such a way the reader will be able to imagine them in their mind. This way, when the essay is being read by someone, they will want to keep reading it for themselves as they will become invested in the story!

Avoid Narration from the Second Person Perspective

A narrative essay is always supposed to tell the story from the perspective of the person who is narrating it. In most cases, that person is the author themselves. That is why it is important you maintain the usage of the first-person language throughout your essay. If you start using second person narration such as. “You did this and you saw that,” the reader might end up getting confused over who is doing what. That is why it is extremely important you use present tense along with the first-person language so that the reader knows it is from the narrator’s point of view.

Make it Interesting!

It is always important to maintain the attention of the reader. To do this, you have certain mechanisms and literary devices available that can be used to grab the interest of the reader. However, the most effective tactic would be to simply keep your sentences short and impactful. Keeping your sentences concise helps deliver a stronger message and can be much more effective overall. More so, you can use creative adjectives to describe events in such a way that the reader cannot do anything except being amazed by what is happening.

Don’t Over Cite

This one is easy, while citations are obviously important, you do not need to use a complex citation every time you want to refer to some article. You can keep your citation small and neat and create a bibliography in the end so that all your citations can be fully managed there.

Need Help?

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How to Write the Best Narrative Essay
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