How to think of Ideas for your next Creative Essay!

Everyone has had that experience when you are just sitting and thinking about things and suddenly an idea pops into your mind. An idea so cool that you would love to write about it. But then, just before you start doing it, you somehow manage to forget all the vivid details that were in your mind just 5 minutes ago.

After that happens, no matter how long we blankly stare into a piece of paper, the same idea we had before just does not come back. If this has happened to you, do not worry because you are not alone.

That is why we are writing this guide! So that next time you have an idea that you forget, you can use our tips to come up with a new one that will be just as good or perhaps, even better!  

Try Thinking about your Favourite Scene in a Book

Think about a book you once read in your childhood, maybe even recently works too. Then imagine a scene that really managed to move you or inspire you in some way. A scene like this has to be something that really was meaningful to you. Once you have imagined this scene, try and recreate it for your own essay. Do not make it an exact adaptation of course, but use it as a starting ground to help build your characters. From there on in, let your imagination run wild!

Scenes from books, especially nostalgic ones, are really helpful in building a story you want to write about. So sit down and brainstorm a few scenes that have been of significance to you and see where it goes from there!

Use Unusual Sources

We recommend that you use a source of information that you had never thought of before to come with names and background histories for your characters! A great place for information like that is the junk folder in your email. It is full of mysteries waiting to be discovered. From your best friend in Ethiopia to your ex-wife asking you for a loan. You never know what is around the corner!

What is best is that you do not even have to spend excessive amounts of time thinking of background information! The best apart about spam emails is that they are full of so much detail that you will not have to come up with much of your own!

Missing an Old Friend?

Have you ever lost touch with a friend? Slowly started to drift a part because life just took you two in two different courses. May be this person was a bit more than a friend too, maybe they were of great importance in your life and to this day you regret ever letting go of them. Well, that is why authors develop characters in their stories to symbolise long lost friendships.

It is actually really helpful because you feel much more passion to write about this character, the story comes naturally and you develop them in such a way that the reader also feels that there is something special about this character. Something extra meaningful to the author.

Ask your Friends

Sometimes you just cannot come up with a good idea that really gets you going and that is normal. Most people often face this issue and are just waiting to find a source of inspiration for them. A helpful way of getting an idea is through asking friends, family members or even mentors. People often have a wide variety of ideas inside them that are just waiting to come out, the hard part is getting them out. Do not simply just ask someone to give you ideas. It is better if you ask someone to sit down with you and brainstorm fora while, have a cup of coffee and discuss a topic. Basically, you need to get your own and their creative juices flowing. And once that is happening, no one can stop you from coming up with the best idea possible!

So be sure to reach out to people who you think can provide you with an interesting topic to write about, and remember that an idea won’t come easily but it will come for sure.

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How to think of Ideas for your next Creative Essay!
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