Five Paragraph Essay

In all of your academic journey you will always find a writing portion as a major part of your education. Most of the students have fear in their hearts and minds to put in black and white the essays, so they even look for an online essay help or essay writers. If every student know what to expect and understand how to pen down a five paragraph essay, you must be prepared to handle any essay writing. 

While the vintage five paragraph essay, it is commonly assigned to students to help them dispose and develop their ideas in writing. It can also be a reason of writing an absolute and concrete response to an essay question on an exam. As mentioned before, it has five paragraphs.

  • Introduction
  • Three Main Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion

We will highlight each type of paragraph and look at each transition that is the major source of connection and engagement that hold words together.

Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph must get initiated with a general discussion of your matter and lead to a very particular statement of your main point or thesis statement. Sometime essay initiates with an attention grabber statement, such as a challenging claim or unexpected story to catch a reader’s attention. The thesis statement should be written in one (or at most two) sentence(s), discuss your overall position or point briefly and what your main body paragraphs will elaborate.

For example:

  • General Topic Sentence: memorable present

1. Subtopic One: the reason it was given

2. Subtopic Two: a description of it

3. Subtopic Three: your feelings when you received it

4. Transitions

Main Body Paragraphs

Focusing on a single idea, reason or example will lift up your thesis in each main body paragraph. Each paragraph will have a crystal clear topic sentence, probably assumed as the mini thesis statement elaborating the main idea of paragraph, to explain your point in detail. Try to use specific examples and guides to make your essay look convincing and understandable to readers.

For example:

  • First Supporting Paragraph

1. Redefine Subtopic One

2. Supporting details or examples

3. Transitions

Execute the same steps with the following Second Supporting Paragraph and Third Supporting Paragraph.

Concluding Paragraph

            The concluding paragraph must summarize all the previously discussed content. The conclusion must start with the restatement of your main point, make sure to paraphrase, do not just repeat your thesis statement. Then, add some sentences underline and strengthen the significance of the subject and significance of your perception.  Brainstorm about what impression you want to penetrate in your reader’s mind. Be sure that you do not introduce any new point in the concluding paragraph as will create confusion in reader’s mind. The conclusion gets bit more general as you come to an end.

For example:

  • Do not copy the first paragraph

1. Summarize the argument/topic

2. Be substantial as this will be the last chance of leaving a tremendous impression on your reader’s mind.

Once you get succeeded with your first draft of an essay, revise it again and again to capture the spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors. Even if you are not sure about that, try to use websites that can help in catching these mistake in a well-organized and competent way.

In addition to that, read your essay numerously to see that it flows well and all your transitions are connecting your thought with you words.

By doing this, you will keep a check on every sentence of your essay supports, proves and reflects your thesis statement. Your professor will be looking for the wonderful results and you can definitely strike that with these amazing techniques.

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Five Paragraph Essay
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