Difference b/w Analytical and Argumentative Papers

When writing a research paper, two main approaches could be your choice: analytical and argumentative. Sometimes, it is specified in the research assignment which approach you should use but,sometimes it totally depends upon you how to approach the topic which remains a burden on your shoulder. The purpose and scope of the paper shape your decision of selecting a suitable approach.

There are obvious differences between writing an analytical research paper and writing an argumentative research paper, with that, there are few mutual principles as well.

•    Logical thinking is necessary

•    Smart evaluation of information powers what is included

•    Comprehensive research of source material is conducted

The substantial difference between the analytical research paper and argumentative research paper is the presentation of the topic and the process of writing. Analytical research paper draws a neutral approach to present a brief explanation of overall your topic in which you present conclusions. On the other side, argumentative research paper shape a debate between two variant sides with a logical argument that favours one side of an argument over another.

The analytical research paper

The basic demand of analytical paper is to form a neutral question that offers direction for you to examine and explore the particular topic as it relates to answering the question. In an analytical research paper, the thesis statement presents the research question and the remainder of your paper supports your thesis statement.

This research paper is not a simple repetition of words or information. Instead, it is your thoughts, conclusions,and evaluation of a topic that is supported by logical information. Several things are essential in drafting an analytical paper.

•    The question of the paper must be answered objectively.

•   Evaluate the topic and draw conclusions from the logical and factual information from reliable sources.

•   Use serious observation and a critical evaluation to answer the research question.

•    Combine findings in one page to present the purpose of the paper.

•    Do not write preconceived opinions regarding the topic.

The argumentative research paper

The central point of the argumentative research paper is one side of a selected issue or topic. Your stance is built into the thesis statement, which creates the argument more logical. The principal aim of this kind of paper to make a reader agree with your perception by backing up your position with a strong and logical argument supported by information and facts from credible sources.

The main purpose of your argumentative research paper is not making a reader agreed to your thought. Instead,carefully structured research is used to elaborate the credibility of your argument by offering information that allows readers to craft the same logical conclusion. There are various things that are crucially required for this kind of research paper.

•   Use logical persuasion to make your argument strong and convince the reader.

•    Clearly and concisely portray your argument in the thesis statement.

•    Evaluate critically to create a logical argument.

•    Give an adequate introduction to the topic before taking your stance.

•   Fuel your argument with credible sources to support your position and include information about the opposing view.

Besides the selection of the type of research paper, the fundamental of writing a great paper initiate with conducting thorough and structured research, using effective note-taking strategies and draw a powerful thesis statement. The thesis statement of an analytical research paper has a more flowing thesis than an argumentative one:the thesis statement may encounter more chances as you begin outlining, writing a scratch or finalizing your paper.

With the organization process of writing a research paper, stay knowledgeable of the selected approach to have a proper focus on the right aspect of the topic. If you are writing an analytical paper, use the objective and logical presentation of facts to address your research question. On the contrary, if you are writing an argumentative paper, use logical thinking and an accurate representation of each side of an issue while convincing your reader to reach the same conclusion as you do.

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Difference b/w Analytical and Argumentative Papers
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Difference b/w Analytical and Argumentative Papers
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