Constructing the Perfect Creative Writing Essay

Creative essay writing is perhaps the first type of essay that we learn to write as a child. When we are children, our teachers encourage us to think about and to explore the inner workings of our minds. This can be done by writing a creative essay.

A creative essay gives the writer the platform to be able to express themselves, most people use a creative essay to express a work of fiction. Fiction means to be made up, we come up with something fictitious through our imagination. So basically, creative writing means to use our imagination to give life to something in our mind using our words!

How to Start

Starting your creative essay is different from the start an argumentative, descriptive or expository essay. It does not require you to sit for hours on end and research scientific facts about the topic you will be writing about. You are not required to sit and get citations so that you can use multiple published articles that you can use to provide critical analysis.

Instead, a creative essay is different and complicated in its own right. Before you start essay writing about the person or thing you have made up, you need to dedicate a vast amount of time and think about where you want your story to go. This means that your character needs to have a personality and a goal. Both personalities and goals are established by providing a character’s background. So you will have to come up with your character’s story, which led to the place they are in now and what made them who they are today. You also have to create a world for all your characters to live in. This world also needs to feel real enough for it to entrance the reader and make them want to read more into the story.

The best way you can come up with ideas is through two tried and tested techniques; brainstorming and creating a mind map. They both are very easy techniques that help you come up with ideas as well as manage them. When you brainstorm, you are sitting down and creating ideas for your world and for your characters. Then after doing this, you create sub ideas, such as what troubles your character had to face as a child and how that is affecting them now. This way you have a visual map in front of you, which you can use to begin writing your creative essay.

A creative essay provides the reader with a way of escaping into a different world. A world which is unlike ours and is not bounded by the rules ours is. Thus, the difficult part is not coming up with new information that you want to write about. Rather, the hard part is trying to fit everything you want to write about in the word limit you have been given.

What do I do next?

Now that you have sat and thought about what to write your essay about, you have to sit and structure your essay. This means that you have to decide how you want the story to flow. The basic method of doing this is by creating an outline for your essay. The outline, which can be used in any essay, is a method of breaking your essay into components you seem fit. You can name these components “Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion,” or anything else too. Whatever will assist you in breaking down your essay essentially into parts that you need to fill out.

If you do not want to follow this simple outline, you can also break down your essay into parts such as “background” followed by “modern day” these, of course, will not be titles for your essay, as creative essays do not normally have headings. But they can indeed help you in managing the way you want to write your story so that you do not get confused mid-writing.

Few Helpful Tips

In a creative essay, it can prove to be helpful to include a hook at the start of your essay. The hook will serve the purpose of garnering the reader’s interest – which is perhaps the most important thing you would want in a creative essay. Another helpful tip is to create something that people can imagine themselves being or would want for themselves and find your content very related as well.

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Constructing the Perfect Creative Writing Essay
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