Components of an essay with some important writing tips

Writing is a vital part of the education systems around the world. To improve the essay writing skills one must write a lot without the fear of being rejected or being laughed on. Basics of an essay structure and its components are defined and explained as


Firstly the title of the essay has to be picked and the topic should be of your choice, meaning you can speak openly about it and can find a lot of material regarding the topic in your mind. The headings made should be creative.


The introduction you choose to write should be worth reading. The terminologies used during the introduction should be proper so that the reader may get interested in the essay. The introduction of the essay is an important part, because it is due to the introduction that the reader may get his/ her interest developed or reject the idea of the essay completely. The introduction should tell about the essay and what is being discussed in it.

Main body:

The main body is the core which discusses the main theme of the essay. The main body is usually very long so by dividing it in 4 or 5 parts it will be quite understandable. Each and every part of the main body should be properly explained so that the main idea of a particular part along with the essay can be understood properly. There are 2 basic ways to write an essay. If the critical analysis is done with the help of evidence in the essay then it is the expository essay. If aiming for a persuasive essay you should put urgency in your writing along with showing the readers that you are mature enough, along with urgency in the writing and stating the facts to back your writing. To write a formal essay you should avoid using informal language as well as phrases.


Conclusion, as by its name, is the end of an essay. It is basically the result of the essay discussed slightly in detail so that the purpose of the essay can be clearly visible and understood by the readers. Most of the people do not give proper lines and words to introduction and conclusion. Due to which the basic concept of the essay cannot be understood properly. The ending should be a little lengthy as to justify the points discussed in the essay. Writing a short ending can be a bit unprofessional hence giving it a very place.

Some important tips to be taken careof before submitting an essay

Writing an essay is a tiring job to do since it consumes both time and energy of the student. If the work is not submitted by the student before the deadline, marks in the result will be eliminated. The student should create an outline following which he/she can easily compile the essay. It is nearly impossible for a single student to completely compile the essay before the deadline. Since it is a difficult task to write a neat essay before the deadline, the student can always look for the second option. That is he can contact us for compiling the online cheap essay writing services, and in return, we will provide him with the best-written essay. Ensuring the grades he deserves.

Here are some important tips to survive through the compiling and submission of the essay.

  • References

The references are added at the end of the essay. It is very important to add references to your academic document/essay. The references tell the readers about the resources backing up his research. Without references, the author cannot link his research with any suitable proof. The student should follow the proper procedure, as advised by the teacher, to include the references in the essay.

  • Neat and simple work

The essay should not be very colorful and decorated. Instead, the student should try and make the essay really neat and simple. Teachers do like creativity in the student’s work. The student should highlight the important points in the essay, underline the headings and show a bit of creativity in his essay.

  • Using quantitative data

Quantitative data can be added in your essay as a proof of your research. It is a known fact that quantitative data has less chance of errors in them. Even then you have to go through the data included and double check it to be correct.

  • The clarity in sentences

The sentences in the essay should be very easy to understand. They should be short, not exceeding more than 15 words per sentence. The student should try and provide the information in little bits. In this way, the reader can understand the concept of the research, since the sentences are written very clearly. Instead of using difficult terminologies the student should use simple English to make the reader understand the essay.

  • Guidelines to follow

Different universities across the world follow different guidelines for compiling academic papers. The teachers always provide the students with the basic guidelines which help them in compiling the essay. These guidelines include the word count, topic, general overview of the topic, referencing and citation styles and the deadline. The essay will be considered unacceptable if the guidelines provided are not followed. The student should strictly follow these guidelines in order to attain the best grades.

  • Proofreading

When the student finishes writing and compiling the essay or an academic paper, he/she should not think that the work is finished. The student should go through the essay two to three times to revise it and eradicate all the errors.When the student is writing the essay in flow he does not realise that he has made some grammatical, contextual and spelling mistakes. All of these mistakes can be eliminated by a simple revision.If facing any difficulty for the revision or if the time is too short, the student can contact us for the essay writing services. We provide online cheap essay help in UK to the students around the globe and assist them in gaining good grades. We can revise your essay if you want in no time and send it back to you in the best quality so that you get the grades you deserve.

Components of an essay with some important writing tips
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Components of an essay with some important writing tips
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