A Masterclass on Different Types of Essays!

As a student who is still in the middle of their studies, you will encounter the issue of having to write a wide variety of different essays. These essays could be extremely simple ones that you might have no issue in writing. However, you can also face some extremely troubling issues that will require some online UK essay help.

That is why we are writing this article! After consulting our expert essay writers, we have narrowed down from a large number of essay styles, a select few that we feel are extremely important for you to understand! After reading this article you should feel extremely comfortable in tackling almost any style of essay thrown at it. So without further ado, let us jump right into it!

The Most Important Types of Essays

If you are still going to give your GCSE exams for English. Then you are most assuredly going to see a comprehension portion and a similar composition portion too. These portions are dedicated towards testing the capability of the student and their ability to interpret a given test. It does indeed put a student in a position in which their linguistic capability is tested.

However, we are not talking about those types of essay questions. What we are talking about are the various styles of essays that professional essay writers can write about with ease. Indeed, we are talking about creative essays, expository essays, argumentative and persuasive essays. These are all essay styles that students face issues in and half the time, it is not even their fault. This happens because teachers fail to tell students the unique differences between each style of essay and how to tackle them individually. Clearly, if you do not know what you are doing or what your main objective is, then you will not be able to write a compelling essay.

Hence, we are going to tell you about the styles we think appear the most in an English class and the ones students are tested on or asked to write about the most. Do not worry, even the best British essay writers face issues in writing in these styles.

The first type of essay that you should know how to write is the most simple in this list. A creative essay. At an initial glance you may think that this essay may not have much to it. After all, all you have to write about is what is in your imagination. But it is indeed not that simple. A creative essay tests the ingenuity of the writer as well as their ability to control the flow of a story and finally, their ability to deliver a compelling story in a limited amount of time. Sometimes you can be given a writing prompt and asked to write about what the prompt is asking. It can force you to create a whole story about a character and then deliver a story that not only feels satisfying to read but fulfilling as well. Especially, under a time constraint, you can face major issues in doing this. That is exactly how a normal and simple essay can be made into a gargantuan task to accomplish.

Next, we will tell you about argumentative and persuasive essays. A person who is just beginning their UK essay writer journey may believe that there are no differences between these two types of essays. However, there are many fine details and intrinsic differences that cause these two essays to feel ever so complicated and ever so different from one another. Let us begin with the argumentative essay. This type of essay writing is very similar to a parliamentary debate that you may see on the television from time to time. In an argumentative essay, you have a topic and there are two sides to this topic. One side which is with the topic and the other being against it. A simple for or against, but one that can become very complicated very fast. In an argumentative essay, you not only have to argue for your side, but also consider the points your opponent could bring up and argue against them. Along with this, the facts and figures you mention to negate your opponent all must have scientific backing behind them. This very easily further complicates things for you as well.

Compared to this, a persuasive essay writing is much more simpler to write but also requires attention to fine details that are an inherent characteristic of persuasive essays. In this, you have the same task as an argumentative essay, that is, to argue for or against a topic. However, a persuasive essay focuses much more on pulling on the emotional heart strings of the reader and of the audience. In this way, it is much more important to know what moves your audience on an emotional level. This can make it very hard to argue in a way that is meaningful not only to you and the topic, but to the reader as well. Hence, a persuasive essay also requires you to prepare extremely well and account for things that an argumentative will not have.

Finally, one the most problematic essay styles for students is the expository style. This is one style that students face such an issue in that they do not even have an inkling of an idea about what the style is actually about. In very rare cases, even online essay writing services providers have great difficulty in writing an expository essay. The biggest thing to consider when writing an expository essay is that there is no for or against side in this topic. Instead, what you need to is clearly illustrate all the fine details of the topic for the readers to understand. Remember, in an expository essay, biasness is one of the worst things for you. That is why it is extremely important for you to leave it at the gate. If you do not and you go on to skew the purpose of the expository essay then you will harm your own chances of getting a top grade in your test.

Now that you know what exactly these essays are talking about and what they require for you to write. We are going to go into the fine details of how to write each of them clearly and compellingly. Let us begin with the creative essay.

The Structure of you Essays

In a creative essay, you have to stray from what you have been taught about other types of essays and forget it completely. This is because one of the tricks that help you make other essays simpler work for a creative essay. Your main mission is to illustrate a story about a character for your audience. Thus, we begin with the introduction. In the introduction, what you must do is build the basis for your story. Who the character is, what their main motive is, what events have transpired for them to be where they are. Moving on to the main body, here is where you write the main chunk of your story. What exactly the story is about and what the main events are will all transpire in your main body. You must first build up to the peak and then deliver a very impactful peak. Finally, as you move on to the conclusion, you will begin to take the story towards its end. Over here, you can experiment a little, you will be able to decide where your story is going or how you want to end it. Make sure to tie up loose ends or perhaps you can leave them untied and hint towards an open ending. It is very fun to write a creative essay as long as you know what you are doing.

Next, we will illustrate the argumentative style of writing for you. Instead of beginning with a random introduction about who and why your character is. You will need to explain some background about the topic you are writing about. This will give the reader some context about why you are arguing the side you are arguing for. Make sure to do this as it very important you highlight the reason why you stand with the side you are on. If the readers do not know what you believe in then they wont believe the points you highlight either. Speaking about points, you will need to do a lot of reading to extract the main scientific data that corresponds with what you want to talk about. This is the most time consuming part about writing an argumentative essay. All the scientific facts and findings that you want to present will be included in the main body of your essay. Make sure to include as well, the main points that your opponent could use too. This is actually a masterful move because your opponent will not know that you have considered such an advanced move and will have nothing left to refute you. Hence illustrate your own facts, include your opponents’ facts and then continue to negate them. Finally, in the conclusion you will need to write about how you believe your side is right for these major reasons.

Similarly, a persuasive essay follows much of the same outline. Begin with why you are arguing for what you believe in and then go on to tell the audience what your main points are for the topic you are writing about. Again, you can include what your opponent might speak about and negate what they say before they do. Remember, however, that the main thing in a persuasive essay is to use emotive language to make the reader feel that you are truly correct about whatever you are writing about. This way, you will ensure that in any circumstance, you will be the winner of the argument.

Finally, an expository essay writing follows much in the same way. The introduction needs to be what your topic about as well as what the general consensus about the topic is. You can then go on to write about the main facts of the topic and tell the reader exactly what they are. Remember, you are simply giving them an exposition on the topic, arguing for one side or anything similar will ruin your essay because it will not be true to what the essay is asking of you.

Expository essays can also be sub divided into many other groups too. This all makes them much harder to write about because each group has a unique characteristic to it. For example, a descriptive essay is very different from a cause and effect essay. Learning the intricacies to all these styles takes a lot of dedication towards mastering the craft. Even the world’s best UK essay writers face issues in writing an essay of an expository nature.

Now that you know exactly what each of the main styles are about and what goes into creating and effective essay, we highly encourage you to go ahead and do it! Jumping right into the heat of writing an essay is something we greatly encourage because it is the best way to practice your essay writing skills. We do sincerely hope that this article has proved helpful to you and now you know more about essays than when you started out. It is okay if it takes time to remember how to write an essay. If you are still struggling however, we have a great offer for you!

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A Masterclass on Different Types of Essays!
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