5 Basic Issues of an Economy: Economics Essay Help

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Basic Issues of an Economy

Today we will see and discuss some of the most basic issues that economies have to face throughout the year. Let’s see if one of them one by one;

What to Produce and How Much to Produce?

The basic issue of an economy is to plan and decide that what exactly it needs to be produced and what should the quantity of production. This entire process involves allocating the scarce resources in the best possible way for the total output in the economy. It is important for society to decide about the production of goods and services while keeping in mind the scarce resources. After deciding what product or services have to be produced it is time to select the quantity of production.

The entire quantity of production is dependent on the priorities of society and what exactly they prefer. Since the available resources are limited, it is important to understand that if you want to increase the quantity of one product, you have to decrease the production of other products in order to manage the scarce resource.

How to Produce Goods?

Coming to the second and the next basic issue is to plan & decide about the methods involved throughout the production of goods and services. This basic issue is all about the available resources. Let’s just take an example of the cultivation of potatoes, if you have good and large land, it will help you to cultivate abundantly and vice versa. Similarly, if you have a good amount of labors, it will help you to use intensive techniques of production and vice versa.

Techniques used in production are totally dependent on the type and quantity of the goods. For example, if you want to produce a good and a large number of goods it will require complicated procedures and intensive procedures, while on the other hand, simple goods with small output would require less expensive machines and easy techniques. The production of goods is for the two sectors, which are the private and public sectors. However, the objective of the chosen methods is to use the available resources effectively and efficiently.

For Whom to Produce the Goods?

This issue is to check and decide the allocation of goods and services among the members of society. Distribution of national income helps to locate basic consumer goods, luxuries, comforts, and households. So that whoever has the ability to buy certain products can do the same based on the income level. It is important to understand that for who you are producing goods in order to effectively use the available resources.

The Efficiency and Effectiveness of Utilising Resources

It is one of the most important and basic issues of an economy. It is important to utilise unattended resources to the fullest. It is important to check that each and every resource is used and not lying idle. It has been noticed that use economies that use their resources to the fullest does not have to face unemployment.

Checking The Growth of the Economy

The last and the fifth basic issue of economies is to check whether the economy is growing, decreasing, or is still going at the same place without any changes. Economic growth is dependent on the rate of capital formation which involves the replacement of existing capital goods with new and more productive techniques and methods. Economic growth allows the economy to produce more goods.


The entire problems of an economy are inter-linked at inter-related. These economic problems are because of limited available resources. However, writing about economic issues is one of the most difficult topics for students. Online professional essay help is one of the ways for the students to complete their assignments as per the requirements and the standards provided by the University. The above mentioned and discussed issues can help you to complete your economics essay writing effectively and efficiently.

5 Basic Issues of an Economy: Economics Essay Help
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