Various Essay Writing Mistake you could be Making!

Writing essays is considered a necessary part of your education. Throughout your school life and even university life, you will be required to write many essays on various topics. However, people often making mistakes in their essays without even realising. So if you have been making mistakes and do not know where you are going wrong! This guide is here for you. We aim to provide cheap essay help online by giving you an idea of the mistakes you could be making in your essays. These mistakes can range from in your content and right down to the punctuation mistakes too.

The Issues that Exist in your Content

The ideal essay incorporates inside itself perfectly written paragraphs. This starts from nailing your introduction all the way down to the conclusion. Everything must be relevant to the topic at hand in order to make the essay impressive! Here are a few tips you can use in order to write good paragraphs:

  1. Write content that is relevant to the topic you are writing about. This sounds easy but can prove to be very hard. Always read the question carefully and understand what it is really asking you. Underline or highlight keywords so that you can focus on them during the writing process.
  2. The introduction is key to making an essay interesting. It is the first thing any reader reads and that is why it needs to catch the attention of the reader. Writing a good introduction is not only about telling the reader what your essay will be about but also including a strong and compelling thesis statement.
  3. The thesis statement is what captures the reader’s attention. The thesis statement tells the reader what the essay aims to be about in a single statement so that they have a clear idea about what is going to be discussed.

Writing your Essay properly

What we mean by writing an essay properly is that the essay may be full of mistakes in the way sentences sound. This could occur from repeating a specific word too many time or even being too formal, informal or even a mix of both. Here a few things you should remember:

  1. Remember which words to use where, if you are writing an academic paper then you cannot – in any circumstance – use words that are slang or are considered informal. This gives a very poor impression of the writer. If you do not know which words to use,open up a dictionary or a thesaurus!
  2. Balance out your sentences. People make the mistake of run-on errors. These are errors which happen when you put a comma where you need to put a full stop. More so, some sentences which are too long can be hard to understand and the idea you are trying to convey can be lost somewhere in the middle. Similarly, short sentences might not develop the idea you are trying to convey.
  3. Using the passive voice too often can be harmful to your essay. Passive sentences often tend to be longer and harder to understand, whereas active sentences are more direct and easier to understand. A good idea is to keep a fifth or less of the sentences in your essay in a passive voice.

Grammar and Vocabulary

Grammar and vocabulary give your essay a finishing touch and help deliver a complete and effective essay.

  1. Know which pronoun to use, pronouns need to agree with the nouns they are used for. It is helpful to know about the pronoun that you are going to use, some pronouns only have singular or plural forms, whereas some have both.
  2. Nouns seem to be simple, but you should revise on how nouns are used and what determiners are used with the nouns.
  3. Using the correct vocabulary is extremely important. Remember to not misuse homonyms. Homonyms are words such as ‘here and hear’ they sound the same but have completely different meanings.
  4. Use the correct verb forms as well. People do not realise this when typing quickly, but they can mess up a word without even noticing it. An incorrect verb form can completely change the meaning of a sentence and can convey the wrong message as well.

Need Some Help?

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Various Essay Writing Mistake you could be Making!
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Various Essay Writing Mistake you could be Making!
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