How to Craft an Amazing Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay writing is a style of essay that is often used by writers. The purpose of it is to create a picture for the reader of a particular person, place or thing. As you may know, narrative essays try to convey a message to the reader through a story that the author experienced. In descriptive essays, however, the writer uses the five senses of humans to bring a thing being described to life.

What a professional essay writer aims to achieve in descriptive essay writing is to create a connection between the object being described and the person reading the story. If the reader can truly imagine and feel the object in their minds, the writer has succeeded in writing a good descriptive essay.

This guide is going to show you what you need to do in order to write an amazing descriptive essay!

What you do before you Start Writing

Before you start writing your essay, it is important that you sit down and really think about what you want to write about. The topic you choose to write about should be of something importance to you. What is of importance does not matter, it can be any person that might be significant in your life or even a keyboard you really like. However, writing about something important to you is advised because this way you will actually be inspired to write about the topic instead of dragging on and on.

Once you have chosen your topic, it is good to sit down and brainstorm about what you want to write in particular. It is useful to describe how you are connected to the object, the way it makes you feel. If it a keyboard, perhaps you feel as if typing on its special switches elevates your typing experience and makes you type faster. Describe things in detail so that the readers understand why it is important to you and start making similar connections with objects in their own lives as well. you can also get an online essay help in the UK if you are finding any difficulty in writing.

The First Draft!

When you begin to write your first draft, it is useful to remember that the most important tip anyone can ever give you about descriptive essay writing is that you should always show the reader what is in your mind. This means that you should write as you picture it. Remember that time Grandma came with those freshly baked cookies? If you are describing that, tell the reader about the aroma in the air, the soft brown texture the cookies had, how smooth they tasted. Do not tell the reader that you were just given cookies by Grandma. This does not invoke any of the reader’s own memories, which is what you should be after in a descriptive essay.

Then comes the Second Draft

The second draft, in any essay, is more about revising what you have written. Less adjustments to the content is made and instead, the writer improves upon sentence structure and checks the essay to see where improve can be made. In descriptive writing, what you should aim to check for is whether you are correctly employing the use of the five senses to describe an object. See if there are any words you can adjust or replace in order to give a better idea of the scenario to the reader. Remember that a thesaurus can be extremely helpful in situations like these! Also it will be helpful to remember that you should first explain what the essay will actually be about. If you jump right in to a story and begin describing it, the reader will just be left puzzled.

Finally, you proofread

Proofreading is the most important thing to do before you submit any essay, and that is why we will mention it here.  Proofreading is basically checking your work to make sure there are no punctuation mistakes or any grammatical errors. To do this, re-read your essay one entire time again. You can re-read it out loud, which is a useful tactic that professional proof readers use. Alternatively, you can have a friend or your parent read it for you. This way they can tell you if there are any mistakes in your document that you are unaware of. Perhaps a word you used incorrectly is present and you just did not pick up on it.

Need some help Writing?

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How to Craft an Amazing Descriptive Essay
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